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Kings of Neon

Crown Royal - Fit for a King

It all started with a Royal toast, a Yip, Yip, Yip and a Sip of the Masters finest.  It was two Kings in their own separate Kingdoms ruling their own worlds.  The stars aligned, the Sun went dark and the Knights of Templar shuttered as the two Kings came together in a Harmonious Unity of voice and instrument.  The Kings of Neon were born! Master Wade Quinton & Lord J.W. Bates merged into the Kingdom of the Neon Lights!  If you listen closely you can still hear the cries of the slain and the cheers of the victors!

Wade Quinton

Wade Quinton in the flesh!

Singer, Songwriter, Performer...

Wade has paid his honky tonk dues.  

He's lives to entertain, sing and play

music for the friends, fans and family

that join the fun. 

J.W. Bates

He's not only pretty, he can sing 

and play. Just keep a leash on your

 lady friends cause his charm is

mesmerizing.  He'll sing you a song

and make you love it.  We've seen him do it!


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